Counselling is one way how to cope with cancer treatments,  which  vary depending on the nature and progression of the disease. It can focus on eliminating cancer tumours and cells, slowing down or stabilising the spread of the disease.

Not everyone will receive chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy. Those who do, do not necessarily experience side effects. For some, however, the experience can be very difficult, adding further physical and emotional pressure.  Therefore, it is not unusual for those affected to consider pulling out of treatment.

In early 2014 I  had the opportunity to share some of my own experiences with Bob Champion MBE during an interview on the BBC’s Broadcasting House programme about how to cope with chemotherapy .  Bob Champion,  an English former jump jockey, won the Grand National in 1981, after having been diagnosed and treated for testicular cancer in 1979.  Following his experience he set up the Bob Champion Cancer Trust.

To listen to the interview click on the PLAY button (arrow) in the picture below.

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