KS Cancer Counselling London
KS Cancer Counselling London

Welcome to KS Cancer Counselling in London. I am Karin Sieger, a psychotherapist and writer with personal cancer experience.  I have been treated for cancer and have lost people close to me to cancer.

All too often the emotional impact of cancer is ignored and not talked about. What to expect and when and what to do about it is rarely part of the treatment plan, conversations with GPs, nurses or oncologists. It is not uncommon to feel alone, isolated, dejected and hopeless.

Whether you have been diagnosed, finished with treatment, are family or a friend you know what I am talking about.

Common cancer related emotions include fear (of treatment, life, death), loneliness, guilt, anger, loss of self confidence, irritability, stress, depression, hopelessness, relationship problems and suicidal thoughts.

Physical side effects of cancer treatment (sometimes unexpected) such as fatigue, memory problems, infertility, loss of sex drive, change in body image, weight gain or loss, pain, lymphoedema, peripheral neuropathy and more can also lead to emotional problems.

The counselling I offer can help you find the power in you to cope well with this challenge. In working with you I have five aims:

  1. To offer you a safe and non-judgmental space where you can say frankly what is on your mind.
  2. To help you understand why you might feel and think the way you do.
  3. To work with you on understanding what things you are good at and what has worked well for you in the past.
  4. Based on that to find ways that work well for you to stay motivated and play an active part in your life.
  5. To support you in making choices for your life that work for you and your well being.

In working with you I aim to be open, welcoming, flexible, transparent, pro-active and down to earth.

I am experienced in supporting people with the emotional impact of diagnosis, treatment, loss, life with and beyond cancer. This can help you get back a sense of direction and what you want to do next – including developing your own anti-cancer lifestyle strategy.

I am based in central Richmond (opposite the station), which offers a range of transport links with London and Surrey, including 20 minutes by train from Waterloo.

On the following pages you can find out more about the emotional impact of cancer, about me, how I work and my blog and articles.

Feel free to contact me in confidence with any initial queries you may have.